Wednesday, June 10, 2009

connect the dots.

Isn't it always crazy the day you look back at your life and say, "Ohhhhh, I get it now. That happened because ___ happened and ____ happened because of_____." And then, everything in your world is new for a little while and you b-bop along happily until you get angry that _____ happened, sometimes for a second or third time. 

For example, Shasta McNasty is so upset that Robert broke-up with her. She's devastated and won't listen to any Taylor Swift songs, but then she meets Jason and realizes everything she learned from Robert and "bam!" all the pieces fit together for her. This cycle is repeated until Shasta gets married. 

I say all of this for a few reasons:

First, in 10 years when I'm an alcoholic I don't want anyone to be shocked (myself or otherwise). I want to remember that I became an alcoholic because of Dallas traffic. I want to be able to say, "Well, since I sat in traffic all the time with idiot drivers, who go completely ignorant anytime it rains, I decided to start drinking and now I'm here." 

Second, in 20 years when I've had my fifth back surgery I want to remember that I'm having that surgery because I thought buying a television was more important than buying a new mattress. I want to be able to say, "Yes, doctor I know this could have been prevented. I know there were early warning signs, but the pain was never at the forefront of my mind because I was watching the Real World/Road Rules Challenge in HD on a huge television!" 

And when I've lost my bid to became a state senator I want to remember that it's because I'm an  alcoholic with a bad back and not because I'm not awesome. I want to be able to look back at my life and say, not what I could've done different or how I could've done more to get elected, no, I want to be able to blame it all on Dallas traffic. 

I want to be able to connect the dots.

So, I close with a warning: pay attention to your life. One trip to Target could turn you into a meth addict. Or having someone tell you to "lay off the bacon," could cause you to revolt against bacon for the better part of your life no matter how much you love it's fatty goodness. 


brude said...

i've been telling you for years but, "don't do meth"

Mrs. Frazier said...

ahhhhhhh ahahahahahaha.

Erin said...

hillarious, LC!

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