Thursday, January 8, 2009


I absolutely do not believe in New Year's resolutions or have any plans to track these resolutions/changes, but here they are (in a particular order):

1. Get my hair cut.
2. Work on my singing voice.
3. Stretch more.
4. Watch more reality tv.
5. Adopt a highway.
6. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

Things I hope not to do: gain weight, hit any dogs with my car, trip in front of a lot of people, lose my eyesight for any amount of time.


Laura said...

you can borrow my shoes.

Anonymous said...

lauren - I decided to set a realistic goal and yes, I did accomplish it - my goal was to gain 10 lbs over the holidays - and guess what.....

i don't run marathons and do all that stewpud exercise stuff - i just read books and cook for therapy - bad combo - Bonnie

when is my bff coming to oklahoma to find her soulmate?

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