Tuesday, November 18, 2008

total request live.

Total Request Live, the mere mention of it brings a nostalgic tear to my eyes. Thinking of J. Timberlake (how heavy is that?) in his red Tommy Hilfiger turtleneck with his bleach blonde curly hair honestly makes me feel like a confused 8th grader again. I vividly remember semi-rushing home from school (in my brother's white Buick) to catch the last few minutes of TRL everyday. 

Who would be number 1-- Backstreet or usually N'Sync? Christina or Britney? Oh, the drama of 1998.  I would always be so upset with other MTV viewers when a Korn video would be number 1. What were people thinking? Korn was the devil's music...or so I thought. They were at least really freaky for an 8th grader from little baby Arkiesaw. 

I honestly don't recall the last episode of TRL that I watched. It had to have been sometime in high school. About two years ago and still somewhat new to Dallas, I went through a brief unemployment stint. Each day I would create a new challenge or goal. One day, I decided my goal was going to be "watch a complete episode of TRL." So many things had changed since the Carson Daly days of watching a complete video. I made it through approximately nine minutes and shut it off forever. It was almost like I shut off my youth with it. 

I would like to thank TRL for introducing me to people like Kid Rock, who was my very much guilty pleasure back in the day. I haven't been the same since. Let's be honest, I probably never will be-- I just admitted to a somewhat public forum, that I, in fact, did (possibly still do) listen to Kid Rock. 

Goodbye TRL, as Fall Out Boy would say, "Thnks fr th mmrs."

 And as I would say in 1998, as an extremely comedically gifted 8th grader, "Don't cry for me Argentina."

I will live to see another day and TRL will live in my heart forever. 

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