Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Hills

Jesus sent LC a good guy, so she called Brody to not watch a movie.

LC used pseudo-model Gavin to get Brody’s attention and it worked. Of course. Thank you, MTV, for your editing tricks. Speaking of editing tricks…

Spencer’s facial hair makes no sense to me. One segment it’s full-on, the next it’s gone. I am so confused.

Heidi and Spencer are about to blow up. I don’t see how their relationship can last much longer. Heidi seems to be figuring Spencer out and Spencer isn’t doing much to stop it. Maybe Heidi’s record dropping will bring them closer together. Oh wait, doesn’t she have a real job now? Where in the world did she find time to record an album? So many questions…

I think Brody and Lauren might be good together. Ugh, gag me for saying that. But, when they’re together they seem to be somewhat faux-happy. So, good for them.

I’m going to start googling churches in LA and then post them on their myspace pages.

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