Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hills

The Hills makes me want to vomit. Here are my thoughts.

1. It cannot be good to consume more Red Bull than water. I mean, eat some carbs. Or take a power nap. There are Red Bull cans scattered around Lauren and Audrina's apartment like cats in a old woman's house.

2. Graffiti does not belong on the streets, so why would you think it looks good in your living room? For one time in my life I agree with Heidi, "I mean...it's not girly...it's not anything."

3. If you are looking to change your name make sure it flows well with your former name. For example, Justin Bobby just doesn't roll off the tongue. Try Justin Robert or Justin Bob. Even Bobby Justin.

4. If you are proposing: make sure you can buy a ring. Go to an actual jewelry store. Don't go to a purse store and ask for "the most high end." You can do that at TJ Maxx. Don't ask your friend to put it on his credit card. Don't buy a purple ring. Don't call the ring you "bought" a "Kobe Bryant Ring" because Kobe Bryant bought his girl a ring after he was accused of raping a woman. And duh! actually say, "Will you marry me?" in the proposal.

I have committed to praying for the girls and boys of The Hills . They probably wouldn't annoy me so much if they loved Jesus and had a moral compass.

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Tami Spencer said...

You read my mind LC...excellent post.

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