Friday, June 15, 2012

father's day gift guide.

We're just two sleeps away from Father's Day which means you're almost out of time to pick out the perfect gift! I've selected a few that should appeal to just about every type of dad out there. 

For: The Dad Who Grills
Why: Because dads love to carry stuff and love to grill. 
Bonus: You could end up seeing just how tough dad is if he catches all that stuff on fire if he leans over the grill too far!  

For: The Dad Who is Beary Sentimental
Why: Because dads love bears and love to show off their children. 
Bonus: This piece is customizable. You can add children's names and the number of children!
Double Bonus: I mean, just look at it!

For: The Dad Who is Handy
Why: Because dads can never find a child to hold the flashlight in just the right spot for them.  
Bonus: No more fights with dad over, "hold the damn thing where I can see something!"

For: The Dad Who is Into Meat and Adventurous 
Why: Because dads love exotic meat.   
Bonus: This meat is high in protein AND dreams, smiles, magic and love!

For: The Dad Who is Super Into Turkey
Why: Because dads need a little bit of luxury in their lives.  
Bonus: This robe is made from 100% Turkish cotton! Meaning, if your dad loves supporting Turkey and loves comfort he'll love this robe. 

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Erika said...

Oh my gosh. I just busted out laughing at that Unicorn Meat. Wow.

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