Thursday, February 9, 2012

valentine's day holiday gift guide.

internetS, we're a mere five days away from the most well-loved (you see that?) holiday ever... VALENTINE'S DAY.

Where, traditionally, Valentine's day is a day for lovers, it's also just a great time to express love in general. And what's the most appropriate way to express love and adoration without stalking or harming a person? GIFTS. 

I've done the work for you.
Let's dance like it's a 7th grade theme party!

What? DVD copy of "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
Why? Well, to be fair this is my favorite massacre. Ever heard the song, "The Night Chicago Died?" Hard not to love Valentine's Day if you're listening to that on repeat. (SHOUT OUT TO MY BROSEF)

What? Cupid & Psyche Wall Frieze
Why? Just look at it! Does everything really need an explanation? But, if I must: this frieze is depicting  the triumph of two lovers granted immortality and the promise of endless bliss. Besides someone to split the '2 for $20' with us at our neighborhood Applebee's, isn't that all we're really looking for-- the promise of endless bliss?

What? Flowers Shaped like Puppies
Why? I can't think of a better way to express puppy love. (I really nailed that one.)

What? Picture Heart Crystal
Why? Some photos are just that great and need to be frozen into a custom made crystal that's sure to not ever go out of style. Plus! It's exquisitely personal. 

What? Antique Rose Ruffled Pajamas
Why? Really, the reasons are endless: why buy actual roses that die, when you can buy rose-printed pajamas that won't ever die? Did I mention that they are just downright sexy? 


Jordan said...

PUPPY FLOWERS. WANT. (better than edible arrangements)

Risa said...

I need LINKS to access the gifts, please!!!

Morgan said...

but what is the "Bonus" for each of these gifts?!

ps..puppy flowers...brilliant.

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