Thursday, December 1, 2011

crimmas decor.

Hey bloggers!

Well, the Season is officially here, right? Can you believe it's the first of December? I can't! I'm one of those crazies that just refuses to celebrate Christmas until giving Thanksgiving its proper props, but let me tell you, at midnight on Black Friday, I'm sooooooo ready to get my Christmas on! Am I right?!

Anyway. It never feels like Christmas until I've decorated my home. Again... am I right?!

If I know my readers, like I think I know my readers they are saying, "I wonder how LC decorated this year? She's so fab!" And well...wait no longer! This is post you've been dying to read!

The roommates and I turned on some Christmas tunes (Mariah, Amy Grant-- DUH) and got to work! It took a little while, but it was totally worth it to feel this homey during the most joyful time of the year!

We started off by picking up these trees and candles from the floor. Hard to believe they had been sitting in a corner for almost a year! Oopsies! But, now they are right back where they belong: FOCAL PIECE. 

We really love our sink area, so we wanted to really accentuate it. I feel like the red wreath really pulls out the warmth of the wood cabinets.

OMG. This photo kills me! If you look closely you can see the reflection of the wreath in the microwave. Who knew I was a professional photographer?! :p 

We've been known to sit around the ole piano and sing some carols, so obvi we needed to make it as festive as possible. But, at the same time the piano is beautiful on its own. After a heated debate we decided this simple star was perfect! I was originally against it (I wanted to wrap the piano in teddy bear wrapping paper), but after seeing this photo: LOVE.


Close up of the star. I DIE. If you look in the background you can see the trees in the kitchen. It really pulls everything together!

And TADA! Here's the whole kit-and-kaboodle! (Please excuse our mess! We had a leak and it needed to air out!) I love walking into my home after a long day at the office now! It just feels so warm and festive!

Ok, lovely ladies! Don't be shy! What'd you think? What are you doing to decorate this year? Old stuff? New stuff? Spill it, gUrls!!!


Natalie Grace said...

love. love. love.
your minimalist christmas is tres chic.
I'll go take down my garland, now.

Annie Houston said...

you could cut the sass in that post with a knife.

kaylee said...

out of control. chubby checker.

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