Friday, December 16, 2011

holiday gift guide 7.

InternetS! According to my calculations (which could be off) Christmas is just 9 days away! Be a thoughtful gift giver. Here's some help.

Adult Bib
For: The Messy Eater That You Love
Why: Because sometimes the people we love are silly, messy eaters! And sometimes it's sad to wear a food-stained shirt out on the town. 
Bonus: More free time, less money spent on Tide pens. 

Dog DNA Test Kit
For: The Dog Lover/ Wannabe Scientist
Why: Because not everyone can afford fancy schmancy dogs!
Bonus: You can really get to know your dog by knowing its roots and family origins. This kit will take the relationship between you and your dog to the next level. 

Dolphin Lamp
For: The gUrl (or Boy) Who Always Wanted to be a Marine Biologist
Why: You need light to read about dolphins, silly!
Bonus: The lampshade also has a lovely dolphin scene on it. 

Sumo Wrestler End Table
For: The Interior Decorating Enthusiast
Why: Because even interior decorators like surprises!
Bonus: This table to sure to hold all of necessities! No more worrying about a certain lamp being too heavy for a flimsy ole run of the mill end table! I mean, it's a sumo wrestler!

Terry Cloth Toilet Seat Cover
For: The Person Who Complains About Cold Toilet Seats
Why: Because sometimes you just want to wake up and go to the bathroom without feeling like the toilet has been sitting in the Alaskan wilderness all night!
Bonus: Comes in blue, green or pink, so it can definitely be matched to your bathroom decor!

Mouthwash Decanter
For: The Person You Love with Bad Breath
Why: Because when you're trying to keep it real and keep up with the Joneses, you can't have a Scope bottle sitting around. 
Bonus: Elegant alternative to a plastic bottle.

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