Thursday, November 10, 2011

holiday gift guide: 2.

If you missed my gift guide from last week, scroll down.

Who knew it was possible to find so many great and thoughtful gifts on the internetS? I'll be honest: I did. I don't remember the last Crimmas gift I purchased for someone in an actual store. If you can't buy it off the internetS, you don't need it. The same mantra rings true for Wal-Mart. If Wal-Mart doesn't have it, you don't need it. For real though. 

There are some really great items out there, kids! Do you want an extra pat on the back this year for being so freaking thoughtful with your gift-giving?

If you answered 'yes' check out the following items...

Detroit Skyline Photo on Canvas

For: The Detroit Lover
Why: Because what city in America needs more love than Detroit? Maybe Cleveland. So, if you love Detroit, you need to shout it from your living room or bedroom walls.  
Bonus: Proceeds from your purchase actually go to Michigan's fledgling economy. 

Germ Resistant Gloves

For: The Fear Monger 
Why: Because fear mongers are annoying. 
Bonus: You get to watch someone wear gloves around while they think they are being "protected" from all germs. Entertainment for decades.  

Sweatpants Jeans

For: The Couch Potato 
Why: Because sometimes, you really need to go to the grocery store, but can't imagine taking your sweatpants off to do it.  
Bonus: Self-explanatory! They are SWEATPANTS that look like jeans!

Meerkat Sculpture

For: The Meerkat Lover 
Why:  It's a known fact that meerkats and meerkat lovers are difficult to shop for, so why not?
Bonus: There are three meerkats on the sculpture.

Floating Poker Table

For: The Person in Your Life who Might Have a Gambling Problem
Why: Because gambling problems sometimes force people into dark, dark places. At least this gift gets your gambler out into the sunlight every once in a while. 
Bonus: You get to play poker. IN A POOL.

UV Disinfectant Wands

For: Another  Fear Monger 
Why: If buy somebody gloves to "protect" them from germs, you might as well take it one step further and get them this wand that kills bacteria on food. 
Bonus: Looks like a light saber. 


The Bells said...

Another bonus: you don't even have to leave the poker table for pee breaks.

Anonymous said...

Can I get the link to the jean sweatpants?

Kerri said...

Scott and I are enjoying these gift ideas. Thanks. Olivia has no idea why we are laughing, but HE IS GOOD!

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