Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I think, like, a long time ago blogs started off as a way to pass on information to the masses. Let's all pretend like it's 1998.

Check out this story on Tim Tebow from Grantland.com.
This is a pretty decent article. Meaning, it kept my interest. However, it made me really sad, too. This author clearly doesn't know Jesus or even a little bit about how He works.

Rick Perry is becoming even more of an idiot? That should be the title of this piece from the NY Times.

Two things I love? g-chat and New York Magazine. This article starts off with a g-chat conversation and the rest of it is a mildly* interesting look at the generation I think I am a part of. I never know what generation I am in. However, I know I am not a baby boomer. Should count for something?

*Mildly meaning more interesting than not.

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