Friday, May 20, 2011

the republican party.

Seeing as how there are only about four things in the world that can capture my attention for periods of time longer than a movie, it's only natural that these four things greatly interest me, as well as piss me off to the extreme. (For the record, I would say the four things that have managed to capture my attention are: the Arkansas Razorbacks [the whole state, actually], politics, presidents and the internetS.)

And if you're really keeping score, on a love scale it goes: Presidents, Arkansas, politics, internetS. On a pissed off scale, it's usually: InternetS, politics, Arkansas, presidents. Arkansas bumps up to first depending on the weekend and how many interceptions my QB throws.

All of that information is probably useless, but it's important to know that sometimes, when you're deeply invested in something, it's ok to be angry. For example, I have a minor interest in the Dallas Mavericks. Their wins and losses do not affect my mood. However, I do have a deeply vested interest in the Arkansas Razorbacks. Their wins and losses do affect my mood.

To get to the point: I love politics. I love that some people are open-minded and can see more than one side to an issue and can go with the flow. I try to be that person. I haven't voted a straight-ticket ballot in quite sometime. I'm proud of that fact, even though...sometimes I just vote for the funniest name listed. I mean, what IS a Railroad Commissioner (trick question, a railroad commissioner is a railroad commissioner)?

All of that to say, in my latter years, I've become mostly Republican. Which basically means, I find that the majority of my thoughts and feelings line up more closely with the Republican party. Which is why I can say: the Republican Party is embarrassing.

Is this the best you can do, Republican Party?

You tout "family values" time and time again, as if not one single Democrat in all the land is a God-fearing Christian, and time and time again some horrific sex scandal breaks out involving a big-name Republican. The in-fighting reminds me of grade school. The finger-pointing is a waste of energy and your loose affiliation with the Tea Party is enough to make my skin crawl. Your "best" candidates for POTUS all held "press conferences" to announce they would not run, only to open up the door for Newt Gingrich to step in. See above: embarrassing.

The majority of Republicans today are holding on tightly to the image of a President that did very little for this country like he's George Washington AND Thomas Jefferson rolled into one. Oh, how dare I speak ill of W. I'm sure I will be cursed for that! But, come on...if that's what people are wanting to go back to, if that's what people are holding onto...embarrassing.

It's like wanting to go back to high school because you thought you were all bad ass and then realizing, kind of weren't great. The glory days weren't all that glorious, why would I want to go back to that?

How about we forge ahead and build-up new, great leaders rather than pining away for the ones that in reality, we'd just like to go to the lake with over the weekend.

I know what you're thinking.
And this is not a love letter to Barack Obama.
This is a plea.

Do better, Republican Party.
Do better.

Side note: I would so go to the lake with W.

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