Wednesday, May 11, 2011

blog give away.

That's right, it's a give away on lc blogs!

I've caught the bug and want to give back to my loyal readers and followers.

So...what's the give away?
I'm giving away FREE ADVICE. Free!

Everyone wins!

But, there are two ways to actually win.

First, you have to follow my blog.
Then, you have to post a comment about how awesome I am.
Also, you need to link my blog on your Twitter or Facebook status for 2 days.
After that, you need to send an e-mail to 150 of your closest friends and tell them about the give away.
Once I have confirmation that you've completed all of those steps I'll burn you a mixed-CD and send it to you before 2013! Win-win-win!

The second way to win is a little bit easier.
Just post a question/comment/concern and I'll give you FREE ADVICE. This is not a joke! It's completely FREE.

On May 30, I'll put all the names into a hat at my home and draw one person to win a GRAND PRIZE. What's the grand prize you ask? An 8x10 framed photo of me shipped to your door. Or hand delivered depending on where you reside.

Alright, let the give aways begin!


Katie said...

I think you should use a random number generator for the drawing, that way it's fair.

Bring on the free advice!

Sara said...

I need advice on how to deal with possibly not winning on this blog give away. How do I cope?

LIZZYDM said...


Alexis Anderson said...

Hand deliver me a photo anyway. To NYC. Thanks!

Karen Rector said...

I was so hoping that this post would read this way. Made. my. day.

Risa said...

Pick me! Pick me! My question is this...if you had to associate me with one president, which one would it be?

Jordan said...

if you could wear a vintage blouse anywhere, where would it be?

you better use random number generator, this aint my first time around the block trying to win a giveaway.

jesus said...

Dear LC,

I have a problem and need some advice.

If I'm walking down the street sometime, and spot some hollow ancient eyes.

Should I just pass 'em by and stare, as if I didn't care?

Or, should I say, "Hello in there, hello."

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