Tuesday, November 23, 2010

franklin pierce day.

Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States
Known as "Handsome Frank."
Also, a bit of a rebel rouser.
God love Him.

It's no official holiday, but it should be...today would have been Franklin Pierce's 206th birthday.

Pierce, our country's 14th President, gets very little praise and almost no credit for anything he accomplished in office. Admittedly, he did very little to further the country along on any positive note, but, I mean...he was President and he was very, very good looking.

I could list tens of reasons as to why this man is great, but I'll spare you the details. However, seeing as how Franky P. was a bit of a drunk, it's only appropriate that we all have a few dozen cold ones in his honor today!

The author of this very web log frolicking on the front lawn of the Pierce Manse in Concord, New Hampshire.

Franklin Pierce lover meets Franky P. statue in front of New Hampshire State House.

Four of about 200 Franklin Pierce fans gathered together in his name.

Franklin Pierce's ACTUAL shaving kit!


Kerri said...

laura would prob tell me not to encourage you, but the frolicking picture is pretty neat

Laura said...

you'll be happy to know we went out to dinner in celebration on frankie p's 206th year. special.

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