Thursday, April 15, 2010

infinity and beyond.

Damn it, this is America.
Go big or go to Canada.

Growing up I didn't dream of doing much with my life. At a very young age I wanted to be a doctor, I realized quickly math and science were a strong no-go for me, so I dropped that one before I left 1st grade. I then moved on to dreaming of being a soccer or basketball coach, but dropped that one when I realized I'd have to keep my bowl haircut for the better part of my life and I'd have to invest in way more track (wind) suits than I wanted to. So, I decided around 7th grade that I wanted to be in advertising, specifically, I wanted to write ad copy. Later, I realized I just wanted to be able to create on a daily basis. So, pretty much, I'm doing what I want with my life (most days).

I gave you that incredibly boring piece of my history for a reason. In America, kids are allowed to dream of being whatever they want when they grow up. In Russia and China, kids are lined up at the age of two and told their destiny. And then they start their training. I mean, the Reg spent a solid 18 years of my life convincing me I needed to be an engineer and with enough hard work he thought I could do it. Yeah right. I couldn't be an engineer any more than I could be a Chinese gymnast. But, I digress.

Kids dream big in America. That's what being an American is. Kids dream of being astronauts. Kids dream of being marine biologists (Side note: WTF? Why do so many kids think that's a logical goal for their lives?). Every kid in America thinks they can grow up to be whatever they want: President, astronaut, ad copywriter-- you name it, you can be it.

Well, not any more, kids. Let's get real: you can't be an astronaut because NASA is in jeopardy. You can't go to space because Obama is cutting the space shuttle program. Now, you can go read all about this subject and we can debate on and on and on because Obama says, he's "restructuring" NASA, but I don't care.

This is America. We HAVE to be doing shit other countries can't do or won't do. Admittedly, I don't give two rats asses about the moon, space, rockets or space shuttles...but, I do care about being awesome. I do care about living in America and the meaning behind living in America: we're better than you at exploring space, basketball, creating awesomely stupid talent shows for television and holding elections.

If I wanted to grow up and dream of being something logical and realistic I'd move to Canada, where things are good, but not awesome.

This is America.
This is the country where washed-up boy band members can go to space.
Let's keep it that way, please.


Karen Rector said...

I wanted to be a marine biologist... sometimes still do. Only because I wanted to be a trainer at Sea World.. I love me some shamu, even if he is a killer.

Dianne said...

and the science czar say we don't have to be the best is science either. Lord help us.

bmayes said...

We're also a model to the world for prison system. USA!

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