Wednesday, March 24, 2010

still spinning.

Well, this is a big effing deal, ain't it?

Congratulations, America, you're still here. The world is still spinning.

Still spinning in spite of health system reform. Still spinning in spite of the shit storm that has become Congress as of late. I want to take a moment to tell everyone to just calm the hell down. Relax. This is the greatest (READ: BEST) country in the world. The whole world. The whole world that is still on its axis.

Technically, because of my j-o-b I'm not allowed to share much of my opinion in a public forum (read: the internetS) about this subject, but I can say: no, this bill is not perfect. Yes, it seems like the government is getting larger and larger and opinions of the people are getting ignored more and more, but...change isn't always bad. Our health system is severely flawed. Severely. It needed some work.

It seems to me like the majority of people complaining know nothing about what is actually going on (read: typical). An uninformed opinion is worthless. Why don't you study the bill before you call Glen Beck and start an uprising? I'm all for an uprising, but at least make an effort to know what you're so pissed off about.

I mean, I wish this would've been around when I graduated from college so I could've stayed on the Reg's insurance a little longer. Would've saved both of us some drama. Also, let's get excited about the fact that this bill eliminates the ability for your insurance company to deny you coverage because you have a pre-existing condition. It creates a high risk pool from which people will be able to procure insurance with caps on out-of-pocket costs AND insurance companies can no longer drop you if you become ill. Um, yes, please.

I bet you didn't know ACNE is a pre-existing condition. It is, look it up.

All of that being said, this is far from over. But, it's far from being a crisis, too. It's simply change.

** Please note that I am just about convinced that Thomas Jefferson is constantly turning over in his grave as of late. The man is getting very little resting in peace.


Alexis Anderson said...


I was just venting about this yesterday.. half the idiots on facebook, etc. know NOTHING about the bill, yet they have plenty of complaints. Get your facts straight before you blow up my news feed with rants and raves.

Thank you for that ever so stimulating post.

Laurie J said...

How did I ever get such a daughter with the insight she has? I am blessed. And you are right. There. I said it; don't pass out.

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