Monday, August 31, 2009

this is america.

If you've ever happened upon this web log before now, you've probably read the phrase, "This is America. Bless it." That's because I recently started saying it to (1) express the greatness that is America (2) to showcase things that could only happen in America and (3) to remind everyone of the wrongs going on in America and more than anything our country desperately needs to be blanketed in prayer (I sound very much like a preacher's wife right now).

Anyway. I'm planning on doing my best of making, "This is America. Bless it." a weekly happening on this web log of mine.

We're going to start it off with a showcase of something that could only happen in America.

I'm driving down the road and I see a car's back window that reads, "$ Im crayz" Now, this could only happen in America for several reasons: first up, freedom of speech. The driver of this crayz vehicle was doing nothing more than expressing herself (I have to assume it was a her). I applaud her expression. Second up, capitalism. By placing the "$" in front of the phrase, "Im crayz" it's almost like she was saying, "I'm so glad I live in a country that promotes capitalist ventures AND free speech. I think I'll express myself with a dollar sign, so everyone knows how much I love money and earning it." Lastly, exploration. America has always been into exploring. I mean, our country was found on an exploration and not long after we went to space and the moon and now our citizens (Lord, I pray she was an actual citizen) are exploring creative ways to spell words. Where else in the world could take the normal spelling of crazy and turn it into crayz? I say, NOWHERE.

I had a lot of questions for the driver of the crayz mobile, most notably, "are you more or less crazy than others because you spell it differently?" But, she sped off the second the red light turned into green and I was left in her capitalistic/exploratory dust to ponder the vast reasons that I love living in America.

This is America. Bless it.

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