Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the shame of it all.

I've never been one to bare my soul to the internetS and I'm not really thinking about doing it now even, but something happened to me the other day that has filled me with much shame and embarrassment: I listened to a Daughtry song all the way through on the radio.

I don't know how it happened and I thought it was a one-time thing and no one would ever have to know, but the same song came on again this morning and I didn't change the channel. No, I actually turned it up. I didn't sing along or anything, but I'm still worried. What's next? Am I going to start listening to Nickelback? Go buy a Creed CD?

Or what happens if I see a guy walking on the street and he has on an Ed Hardy shirt, am I going to think to myself, "Now, there's a guy that knows how to work an outfit!" Is that what is in my future?

I also must confess that I heard the new Miley Cyrus song and tried to buy it on i-Tunes, but it wasn't available yet. I was really disappointed and tried again this morning. It's available and number one. And now, it's in my music library.

Dear Lord, HELP! Help me with these inconsistencies in my life. Lord, I don't want to be a Daughtry fan and I don't want to get upset when I can't find Miley on i-Tunes. Lord, help me to look at myself and see my indiscretions. Strip me bare, Lord, strip this love of bad pop music from my soul! Amen.


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

You are hilarious!! I was by myself on Monday night....and actually watched the Teen Choice Awards all the way through. That is also pretty embarrassing. And FYI....Miley danced on a pole...yikes!!

Melissa said...

dude, I have been thinking the same thing about the Miley Cyrus song the past month. I keep telling Katie how worried I am by the fact I like this song. I mean it was just inspirational to me, and I cried when she sang it in the movie (another thing I am ashamed of, but we were on an international flight).

just wanted you to know I relate.


brude said...

i'm not going to lie. i've never understood everyones hatred of creed. i'll burn you copies of my cds... better yet - i'll get you a ticket to their reunion concert when they come to dallas in september.

jonwasson said...

2 words. Katy Perry.

I won't judge you if you don't judge me.

Anonymous said...

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