Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This post about my dearest of dear friends, Bekah DeNasty "Becky" Davis McKee, is long overdue and completely unnecessary, but I figured since I spent the weekend moving into her and her preshie pot husband, Murseph's backhouse (or room above their garage, whatever you want to call it) that today should be the day I dedicate a web log to her.

Becky and me at her bridesmaid luncheon. She is one of the few people who trust me and love me enough to actually let me stand on the stage during a wedding ceremony.

Our friendship started off rocky, just about seven years ago. When I left Russellville to head north for college I had three rules: go to class, don't tell the parents too many details about what I was doing in college and look for a girl named Bekah Davis and DO NOT befriend her. The first two rules were obvi from the parental units and the third was from a friend in high school who didn't necessarily love Becky because they dated the same boy. Melodrama. Anyway, I looked for her, found her and tried with every ounce of my being to not like her or be her friend, but it didn't work, as I was hooked on her ridiculously thick accent and complete inappropriateness.

I would like to share with you an acrostic poem, written by me, for Becky as a web log dedication on this day, July 14, 2009.

Bold. She has a knack for always telling me what I need to hear, when it's usually not what I want to hear. Sometimes this translates into texts or emails that say, "you really pissed me off," but that's only if we're talking about a Facebook wall post or fashion choices.
She is truly one of the most exciting people to attend events with, including: birthday parties, Britney Spears concerts, bars and Chuy's happy hour. She makes everything exciting and fun.
Crazy. Certifiable.
Kamp friend. In addition to attending the U of A together, we were at Kanakuk together for three summers. We had a signal for the phrase, "hell yeah!"
Yahweh. She is a follower.

De-cent. She is DE-CENT. She gon' take you to the baby swang, take your car for a test drive and pick her nose until it bleeds. She de-cent.
Adventurous. She's not afraid to get in the car and go, but does have trouble actually committing.
Vivacious. She's outgoing, fun and lively. She is the life of the party everywhere she goes.
Inappropriate. She's just inappropriate. For example: she is the only person I know that would yell at a homeless person, "HOMELESS!" Just because.
Sincere. She may shade out a bit when it comes to answering the phone or emails, but when it counts she's all there and she's incredibly sincere about being shady. I appreciate that.

Money in the bank. She's just cool. She can pull off just about any hairstyle, any outfit, any phrase and make it look good.
Cool. See above.
Kind. But, usually only to animals.
Electric. Her personality can light up any room.
E. I don't want to do another "E" so I'll just say this: Bekah is one of my favorite people of all-time to sit in a room with and just talk. She's hilarious and honest. I can walk into a room and instantly know if she agrees with my clothing choices. In two seconds flat she can decide if I'm in a bad mood and three seconds later decide if it's justified or if I'm sulking. She's a former child beauty queen who's let it get to her head. She's smart and can sing with her mouth closed. She didn't let her poor public education in southern rural Arkansas stop her from achieving her goal of having six jobs four years out of college. She loves her family and trashy reality television. She never made it to the WNBA or Channel 1 News, but she does have a cat and she can drop it like it's hot on command. She can't throw a softball or tell you where the Statue of Liberty came from, but she'll make you laugh until you cry and if you pester her enough, she'll eventually become your best friend and ask you to be in her wedding.

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