Monday, April 27, 2009

tweet, tweet.

While doing some googling I found these other famous tweets from history.

LilDaveShepBoy @GiantGoliath Bitch, please.
about 1000BC from TwitterBerry

DanielProphet @Shadrach @Meshach @Abedneago It’s getting hot in herre. RT @Nelly It’s getting hot in herre.
about 500BC from Web

JFK @RFK Duck!
About 1963 from Web
RFK @JFK You first!
About 1963 from TwitterBerry

TrickyDickNixon @JerryFord You’re on deck. Go get 'em.
About 1974 from Web

ChrisColumbus @SpainQueen Eureka!
About 1492 from TwitterBerry

1Adam @2Eve WTF?! Seriously?!
Shortly after dawn of creation from TwitterBerry

GWBush @USAmericans Done and Done. Hanging up banner to announce it.
About May 1,2003 from Web

Jesus316 @12FishersOfMen Seriously, it's this new concept: first equals last. Go with it.
About 28AD from TwitterBerry

HeavenlyFather @Moses10 I am that I am.
about 2000BC ago from Web
Moses10 @BlazinBush @HeavenlyFather Come again?
about 2000BC ago from Web

DoubtingThomas @BFFJohn Just not feelin it, I’m kind of iffy on the subject.
About 30AD from TwitterBerry

TheApostlePaul @AnyoneAndEveryone Please do not call me Saul. I won’t answer to it.
About 33AD from TwitterBerry

WJClinton42 @USAmericans What’s your definition of ‘sex’?
About March 29, 1997 from mobile web

HeavenlyFather @AnyoneAndEveryone You’re on thin ice.
Every single day from TwitterBerry


Kelly said...

Ok, seriously, I'm rolling over here. You are crackin' me up! If you are making these up you are the funniest person on the planet.
Oh, and I twitter. :-)
hee hee!

Jordan said...


Katharine said...

hahahahahaha oh my gosh. you are unreal.

Katharine said...

hahahahaha oh my gosh. you are unreal.

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