Thursday, March 12, 2009

birth day.

I was lucky enough to be at the hospital yesterday afternoon when Lil' Hoodrat Harper finally made her not-so-casual, yet fashionably late entrance into this economically troubled world.

I'm incredibly thankful for a friend like Lauren who will let me be a part of this whole labor and delivery process (not that I did anything besides show up with some off-brand My Little Ponies and sit in the waiting room). I'm even more thankful that her mother and Mare were there to explain some parts of the birthing process to me. I'll go ahead and say it-- I'm not ready for children. I know this fully because I'm still overwhelmed by the fact that yesterday at this time Harper WAS INSIDE of Lauren functioning and now she's OUTSIDE functioning. I mean, what?

It's safe to say that that little gUrl is going to be so loved and I can't wait for her to look back and realize some day that there were so many people there waiting on her arrival and that she is and was loved long before she ever decided to show up. I also hope she realizes that it's an incredible testament to who her parents are that people would come and wait on her. She's a blessed kid already.

BTW, I can't wait until we can start texting.

I think I'll call her, "Angel Face," that is until she realizes it's completely creepy. Especially coming from me.

They let me hold her. I was probably more worried than anyone else though. Grace abounds.


Mrs. Frazier said...

you look so happy!!!!!

Scott and Lauren said...

PREC-FACE!!! You are both are so stinkin adorable!

bmayes said...

that is one cute kid! els, did you sing harper the k2 birthday rap?

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