Monday, August 4, 2008

a formal apology.

Dear Chelsie Hightower (of So You Think You Can Dance):

I am so sorry I did not vote enough last Wednesday night. Every fourth time I called, the line was busy. I thought you were safe. I gave up after 45 minutes of straight voting. I could've gone to bed later and voted more. I could've delayed brushing my teeth and got in another 30-40 votes. I could've threatened my friends lives if they didn't vote for you, but I didn't. I didn't do any of those things. I selfishly went to bed at 10pm. I prayed for your spot in the SYTYCD Finale, but it wasn't enough. It's my fault you aren't in the finals and I want to apologize formally: I am sorry I ruined your life.


not a psycho crazy fan, just a regular one


jenn said...

dear chelsie.. i'm sorry i made lc make frumpy cake balls with me so her hands were occupied and didn't get to call the full 45 minutes she didn't vote. it is my domestic-self fault. you mamboed your way into all of our hearts. all i can leave you with is in the words of either lady gaga or faith hill "just dance..."

jaclyn said...

Dear Chelsie,
I also would like to apologize. Unfortunately, I'm currently serving the Lord faithfully at a Christian Sports Camp where I can not watch your inspirational movements live nor use my phone to support them. If I had only known this would be the horrendous outcome, I would have cast my integrity to the wind and texted the night away. My eyes sparkle a little less tonight knowing they will never be brightened by your dancing again on SYTYCD. (Which is a ridiculously long acronym even for LC's standards)
Dutifully Apologetic,

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