Monday, August 25, 2008

pregnant, with her baby's daddy's baby.

One of my favorite, most loyal, trusted, hilarious and versatile (she has many talents) has finally gone public with the news that she is, with child.

She is carrying the baby of her baby's daddy and I could not be more excited to announce publicly, that: YES, I will babysit. Yes, I will do it often and YES, I will expect (and accept) some form of payment.

I also cannot wait to teach the baby some of my sweet dance moves and how to straighten hair! It will also be really fun to play and hide-n-seek with the baby! Meaning: I hide the find it!

And seriously, I can't wait for the Pardue baby to figure out how incredibly wonderful its/his/her parents are (the general wonderment about Auntee LC can go ahead and last a lifetime).


Corby and Lauren said...

What an amazing friend you are!!! I can't wait for it/him/her to know all about Auntee LC!!!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

You are hilarious!! This post deserves a wonderful cheers...with you know what kind of drink.

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