Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the bachelor. home study.

Isn't it every girl's dream to take a man (and reality tv camera crew) home to meet mom and dad?

After watching the world's most boring Bachelor episode ever, I have very few thoughts.

1. Lorenzo Lamas sure seemed sincere. Especially when he called Shayne out for wanting to be famous. Oops, Dad. He really did seem like a normal ole dad, who loved his daughter though and I'm sure both Matty and Shayne will take his advice on love. Why? Because he's been married four times and has had two long-time girlfriends (one of which he had a daughter with) since 1982. The man knows his stuff. Clearly.

2. Shayne's mother was like a glimpse into the future. Buckle up, Bachelor.

3. Amanda is a genius. After 12 seasons no one has thought to do this before? Dare I say she is the smartest woman to ever appear on the Bachelor? Bold statement? Hardly. She is still on the Bachelor, making her dumber than every girl not to be on the show.

4. Noelle reminded me of a Brady.

5. I am convinced that Chelsea must have some serious baggage she is holding on to. Why else would she have all the issues with hand-holding? There has to be a story, at the 7th grade Valentine's Day Dance (they called it the VDD at her school) she held a boy's hand and then right in the middle of Celine Dion's "I Love You," he walked off the dance floor never to be seen again. That's traumatic. And now she can't even hold her boyfriend's hand on national television.

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