Tuesday, April 8, 2008

bachelor. episode(s) (seem to last) 4 (ever)

While watching these girls on the show I feel like I'm at a high school dance and while watching girls make fools of themselves, someone is also punching me continually.

Mr. Bachelor, London called. I took a message for you because you were busy being an idiot. London said, "Do not come back. Ever. You are dead to us." Whoa, harsh feelings there, London. Apparently, London didn't agree with Matt's choice on choosing Marshashashannanna over Holly. Marshashashannanna is totally that girl from high school that was always up in someone's face yelling about something and whenever the teacher would take her out in the hall she would just stand there and look off and not say a word. Totally that girl. Even though I dislike Marshashashannanna and would never want my brother or friends or really anyone I might ever run into socially to marry or date her, Holly was really boring and incredibly lame.

I am convinced that Ashlee used to spell her name like every other Ashley in America, until Ashlee Simpson burst onto the scene back in 2004. Bachelor Ashlee probably changed it right around the time Simpson got booed at the Orange Bowl. I'm also willing to bet that Bachelor Ashlee claims to hold a "deep connection" with Simpson and that's why she changed the spelling of her name. I really enjoyed Bachelor Ashlee's song musings last night. I would illegally download some of her jams, if I wanted to burn a cd for someone I hated and never wanted to see them again. Ever.

Serious props to Kelly for literally putting it all out there. I mean, if you can't seem to hold a conversation with someone you might as well expose yourself. Surprisingly enough, this didn't work with our young Matty.

Robin is trying too hard. Way too hard. If a boy likes you, it won't make him like you anymore if your parents have a tea maker. Trust me. Boys are not interested in your parents or their tea maker. Are you catching my drift? So, shut the H up about London.

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