Thursday, August 5, 2010

summer shout outs.

I try really hard to not make this blog about my life or what I'm doing or what my kids are eating or what recipes I've been using lately. Mostly, I try to entertain my mother, brother and the other 9 people who read this. But, sometimes, in order to give some SHOUTS OUTS I have to make it about my life because I live a rather fortunate life for a single, 26-year-old with an inability to do chemistry.


SHOUT OUT to Southwest Arkansas and most notably, my uncle's "farm." Not only did I finally get to put my fishing shirt to use with my favorite lil' cuzzy, but I got to shoot guns and see people camp out in an RV in a front yard.

SHOUT OUT to the Garton sisters. Moving in with them has not only enhanced my music collection, but also my ability to watch shitty reality television for more than multiple hours at a time.

SHOUT OUT to the Chach-skis. Getting to spend a weekend with these assholes really reminded me why I don't spend more weekends with them. And why I cherish their friendships as much as I do.

SHOUT OUT to Morg-hanne Stallings. There is no other person in the world I'd rather sing a karaoke duet with. And I really mean that.

SHOUT OUT to Jeannie Baby Blair's dance moves. gUrl can hold her own.

SHOUT OUT to Lil' Ri-Ri Risa for getting married and extending some mad grace to me and allowing me to stand next to her on wedding day. More grace was extended at her reception where I chased her around the dance floor, danced with a chair and hit on her 14-year-old cousin way more than once.

SHOUT OUT to Seattle. My boss "made" me go there for four days and let's just say I could think of way worse places to spend four days. Work or otherwise.


Morgan said...

wow. an elsie, a shout out...what else could i ask for this summer?

Anonymous said...

He is 15 - and he would love any beautiful bridesmaid - under the age of 40 - hitting on him. And, like his mother, you dance quite well!

Morgan said...

by the way...i don't believe you statement about me because i think if beyonce or celine and i were asking you to do a duet you'd pick beyonce or celine...i'm just saying.

Karen Rector said...

I can't believe Eleanor didn't get a shout out... blasphemy.

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