Friday, November 6, 2009

oh, the youtubes.

On an all too regular basis videos like this end up in my inbox. They make me giggle a little, my croanies and I will send a few e-mails back and fourth about it and then it's forgotten until someone else sends the video and being all cool I reply back, "Saw this over a month ago. Where have you been? But, SOOOOOOOOO funny."

For the most part videos like this one bring me moments of happiness, but at the core of those moments there is sadness. Why? Because these people are obviously lacking a few things in their life. Things like people who say, "What the hell are you doing taping yourself why you're on the toilet?" Clearly, there's no support system for this woman. Clearly, this is a call for help, one last chance for her to lasso in her all but escaped dignity and form a regular life. I have no doubts that she made this video because no one in her clique responded to the dozen text messages she sent out the previous night asking, "where my gUrls at?" This video is a cry for attention, a plea to those who have left her all alone on the toilet to tape herself.

Are you or someone you know struggling with a need for attention? Do you regularly make embarrassing videos and post them on the internetS for the world to view? Do you need a hug? Did your mother make you do your own laundry starting in fifth grade? Did you retreat into a life of solitude after your karaoke career stalled?

If you can answer "yes" to any of those questions you need to disable your Youtube account and get away from the internetS.

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Jordan said...

hahahhaha. LC~ that one was awesome!

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