Tuesday, November 17, 2009

not thankful.

It's that time of year again. The time where everyone gets all mushy and sappy and in one day alone you receive 12 different e-cards featuring the same dancing turkey singing, "I'm thankful for you," in nine different languages. I'm kind of over that, well under it, because I haven't been on it yet.

This year, while I have a host (meaning, many) of things to be thankful for I have numerous things that I am not thankful for as well.

  • I am not, repeat, NOT thankful that my favorite easy listening station, 103.7, in Dallas has decided to already start playing Christmas music 24/7. Gag. How am I supposed to get my fill of Sting and Genesis now?
  • I am not thankful for daylight savings time. I'm scared to do a lot of things alone at night, including trips to Target and the local grocer's. So, now that it's dark at 2pm when do I go?
  • I am not thankful for Oprah. I'm just not. Sue me.
  • I am not thankful for AT&T U-Verse. I am confident that it only functions at 100%, 9% of the time.
  • I am not thankful for the crazy guy that hangs out by my office every day of the week. I'm not thankful for him because he scares me and makes weird faces at me. I'm not thankful for him because the other day he stood directly in front of my car as I entered the parking lot and didn't even budge. I'm not thankful for him, but I chose not to hit him with my car because ultimately, I'd end up paying for his medical bills.
  • I'm not very thankful for my iPhone. Like AT&T U-Verse the actual PHONE part of this phone is never functioning at full force. Never.

I realize by writing and publishing this post here on my web log that I look like a total cynic and completely ungrateful for the things I have in my life. Well, stop and think about it. Don't you think if I'm complaining that my super expensive, really nice cell phone isn't working up to my expectations, then really I have very few complaints and am actually completely and totally grateful for the over abundance of good that is my life? Yes, that's what I thought.


Laura said...

bah humbug.

Morgan said...

don't you dare speak ill of the iPhone again.
turn off the 3G. it'll work miracles for the phone functionality.

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