Monday, December 29, 2008

time travel.

Do you ever look at a photo and wish that you could go back to the exact moment that the picture was taken? I do that often, usually because the picture brings back waves of emotions and memories.

However, when I look at this picture I want to go back to that moment for a different reason.

I want to go to back, take the cat out of my arms, throw away the Minnie Mouse sleeping bag and sit myself down and say, "work harder on growing that hair out. And quit carrying the cat around like a baby." I would probably also think about brushing my hair. Or at least attempting to brush it.

Then, I want to slap my brother for taking the picture.

Side note: I absolutely remember nothing about this picture and I don't recall ever carrying around the cat like a baby. I hate cats.


Kay Daniels said...

Wow.....Daisy and I hate to hear that!

jsw said...

I laughed out loud. About carrying the cat around like a baby. Who knows what else you were doing that wasN'T caught on film that you don't remember...

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

You should see my eyes from Daisy....Chris is calling me "raccoon" eyes right now! Love the hair.

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