Tuesday, July 8, 2008

deanna and jesse.

I haven't posted a synopsis of any episodes throughout the season, but after the finale, I had to end my silence.

First off, I wouldn't have picked any of the guys she did towards the end. Yeah, yeah, Jason was so sweet and his kid is cute, but I'm not catching what he's throwing. Jeremy could easily like boys. Graham is two years shy of being able to date on a 9th grade level and her precious, soulmate, Jesse, plays the "rad" card way too often.

I've always dis-liked the word (words?) soul mate. In my own words soul mate seems to mean: other-half; completer of one's soul.

I do not believe in soul mates, believing in soul mates seems to suggest that we were created to be completed by another human being. That is not the case. We were created to be completed by God. Only the Father can make us whole. Not another human.

Off the rant: Deanna is an idiot. Jesse wants to be famous. Jason will never love again. Jeremy will turn out to be gay and/or an actor.

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you are awesome

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