Wednesday, May 28, 2008

casting call.

LC left a few things off that you will have to do: 

1. Encourage her to pursue her dreams of becoming a reality tv star... and maybe even help her with her application video and make sure she gets the deadline right. 
2. Don't be offended when she doesn't say hi. or bye. 
3. Stroke her ego. 
4. Make her uncomfortable by using words like "stroke" and asking her about her how far she's gone. 
5. Bake her chocolate chip cookies. No nuts or peanut butter. 
6. Be willing to always eat only pizza, bubba's, or chuy's. 
7. Always expect a phone call, an email, or an invitation to hang out.


Angela said...

I feel like this blog should have the song Leaving on a Jet Plane playing in the background. It's a classic and somewhat applicable. Can you add sound to blogs??

Morgan said...

I will never be okay with #2.

Anonymous said...

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