Sunday, January 13, 2008

since 1964.

My father, Reggie, has been an avid follower of the Dallas Cowboys since 1964. Growing up I hated the Cowboys, mainly because my dad loved them. I wanted to be different, so I chose to loathe America's Team. I also hated the Arkansas Razorbacks. I wore the opposing team's colors underneath my Razorback attire to every game I attended growing up (which was more than several and less than a thousand). I vowed to never attend the University of Arkansas. I now have an Arkansas Alumni sticker on my car.

After moving to Dallas I could see why my dad loved/loves this team so much.

I really hope they win the Super Bowl so there can be some rioting in the streets. I'm always looking for a good reason to burn a couch or throw a television off my porch.

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