Tuesday, November 6, 2012

every 4 years.

America, America.
Land of the Free, 
Home of the Raging Idiot with a Computer. 

That's a little poem I just made up for today.

I love this country and I love that I can, on some level, pick the people who represent me in our beloved government.

Twenty years ago my mom sent me to school with a button on that said, "I'm voting for Cousin Bill" for the better part of a week leading up to the 1992 election. I was in 3rd grade, but no one yelled at me, no one told me how wrong or terrible I was-- it was just a button expressing my (or my mom's support) of (cousin) Bill Clinton.

America is regressing.
If I wore a button like that today I wouldn't make it out of my apartment building before someone stopped me to tell me how wrong I am. When did we get to this? When did everything become a political statement? When did we stop being Americans and start being FOR this and AGAINST that?

I'm at my wit's end with this one, gang.

Barack Obama is not perfect. Hell, he's not even great. But, the man believes in something, he's trying. Yeah, I haven't heard him mention the budget this entire campaign, but if he wins tonight, you're all going to wake up in the morning. Text me if you don't.

Mitt Romney is not going to save this country. Maybe he has some decent ideas for the economy, but if he wins tonight, you aren't going to wake up in the morning with a rainbow up your butt. Text me if you do.

I'm just saying: think about the part you play in all of this. Do you engage in thoughtful conversation with others or do you tell everyone who disagrees with you that they are going to Hell?

Would you yell at a 3rd grader wearing a Bill Clinton button or would you ask her why she believed in him?

One time, I voted for John Kerry. It was more of a vote against George W. Bush than it was a vote for Kerry, but nonetheless he got my vote. Upon people hearing this their face gets distorted, they shriek and then they launch into some tirade about how great GW was/is. I'm also pretty sure some people tried to tell me I wasn't a Christian anymore because I voted for him. It made me sad and embarrassed.

We can be better, America!
Quit acting all crazy and shit.

** Full disclosure: it's a secret ballot for a reason, but I haven't voted along party lines since my first time to vote and I did I not vote for Obama in 2008. I did vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary though, then I got baptized-- don't worry.

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Alexis Anderson said...

i love you. and america. the end.

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