Friday, October 26, 2012

still hoopin.

A few weekends ago I attended my 10-year high school reunion. It was one of those events that I was looking forward to and could've done without all at the same time.

I had some conversations with people that I haven't even seen in 10 years and one guy that I don't really remember talking to in high school offered to buy me several tequila shots. I declined.

At one point in the evening a guy walked up to me and said, "Hey, Lauren! You still hoopin'?" as he acted like he was shooting a basketball.

It was with that one (ridiculous) question that I realized nothing has changed and everything has changed. Nothing has changed in the sense that it was completely normal for this guy to ask me that question and then, everything has changed because I haven't picked up a basketball in years. And basketball was my entire reason for being alive during my growing-up years. How could something so important, so life-giving become so meaningless to me?

Also, did this guy really think I was still playing? Where? The WNBA? He really wants that life for me? Oh, the humanity.

I honestly can't remember if 10 years ago I thought I would be still be playing basketball. I doubt I did. But, I know I thought I would've appeared on MTV's "The Real World" by now.

Some dreams never die.
Some things never change.

But, thank the good Lord some dreams do die and some things do change.
What if I still had this haircut?

God Bless us, everyone.


Morgan said...

#33. Just like Dan Scott.

Morgan said...

Do you think someone at my reunion this weekend is going to ask if I'm still playing softball?

kelseylynae said...

Hey my name is Kelsey and I happened upon your blog a few months back ( I think someone mentioned it on a blog I was reading about... Wait for... The Bachelorette- I'm as ashamed as you are that I watch that. )

I have stopped by a few times since then and your posts always- ALWAYS- make me laugh. And a good Christian lady that swears? Always a treat. :)

Just thought I'd let you know I enjoy your writing: and I've never commented on someone's blog that I don't know (which you're most likely aware of since you've read the entire Internet) so pardon me if this creeped you out. It's creeping me out a little so I'm just gonna stop. :)


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